September 10, 2012

Black Ocean nightmare for T-ara in Jeju Island

T-ara or T-controversy group faced another backlash from fans and this time it showed a clear message that T-ara's comeback maybe just too early. On September 8th, T-ara made their first public appearance in Jeju Island for K-pop 2012 World Conservation Congress K-Pop Nature+ Concert. However, they met a cold response from the audience that came. Most of them switched off their lightsticks and remained silence while T-ara was on stage. To make matter worst, there were some of them that even screamed for the member who has been kicked out from the group earlier in August, Hwayoung. This is the first time such incidence has occured since 2008's Dream Concert. 

Although they received a cold response as what have been reported by the media, at recent Inkigayo's performance, fans cheered hard on T-ara while they performed their latest single, Sexy Love!

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